About Karen

Karen Clifton Mahoney is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and full-fledged Brooklynite, happily serving her Park Slope community and surrounding Brooklyn neighbors for 10 years.                              

Her work is largely based in Western modalities - a relaxing and free-flowing fusion of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.  She often incorporates other massage modalities and techniques including Reflexology, Sports massage, and stretching when appropriate.  

Whether your goal is to reduce stress or to help relieve chronic pain, Karen customizes her sessions to best suit your needs. Additionally, she is certified in Pre/Postnatal Massage, having studied under Susanrachel Condon, CCE, CNM, LMT at New York City's Swedish Institute.  

Golden Hands of Buddha

 Karen Clifton Mahoney, LMT  *  376 9th Street, #1, Brooklyn, NY  11215  *  Contact:  karen@KarmaMassageNYC.com / 917.669.9969


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