"Karen is easily the most talented massage therapist that I've experienced in quite a long time.  She possesses the special ability to discover and work the tough spots---a rare trait to find.  Truly a gem." 

                                                                                                            -- John C., Yelp 10/16 (5 out of 5 stars) 

"This review is LONG overdue! My husband has been telling me for years I should get a massage for all my aches and pains. I'm a dog walker who often works seven days a week, so there's a lot of wear and tear on my body. In October of 2010 I had a an upper back injury and physical therapy did not help relieve the pain. After a lot of research (and procrastination), I found the information for Karma Massage. I think my first appointment with Karen was in the summer of 2011, and after just one visit, I felt a tremendous difference in my upper back. I rarely have pain there except when there's been too much time in between visits with Karen. I try to go twice a month and often get the 90-minute massage. Cannot go back to "just" an hour massage after experiencing a 90-minute session! :-) I have highly recommended Karen to a few other dog walkers as well as others with ongoing aches and pains, and everyone loves her! Karen is extremely professional and friendly. She sits down with me before each session to figure out where are my problem areas, and I am very comfortable with her (which is not an easy task for me)."

                                                                                  - Melly S., via Yelp 1/13 (5 out of 5 stars)

"Every massage with you is like a revelation!"

- Olga S., 4/12

"She's good. She's really good. The first thing I noticed is that she's emotionally mature -- which you would think should be a quality of any massage therapist, but it's not always. She neither projects a great deal of either woowoo sanctity around the massage process nor does she bring the interaction to a chatty place. She's straightforward and confident and talented, with strong hands, knowledge, and probably the highest level of responsive listening I've ever encountered in a massage therapist. I feel like I'm writing her a recommendation, and I suppose I am."

                                                                - Jenny L. 6/11 via her Blog, Never Done: My Mussar Year

"Karen is by far my favorite masseuse that I have had. I've been fortunate enough to have had plenty of massages in my life, but Karen has been the most attentive and skilled masseuse. As a dancer, my body is built like an athlete and requires special attention to certain muscles.  Karen was one of the first masseuses that I had had who actually listened to what I was saying and what muscle areas I wanted her to concentrate on. She has very strong hands and uses the amount of pressure that I enjoy. She's not like other massage therapists who just goes through the motions, but is caring and thoughtful. She has been massaging me regularly for over four years and I'm really glad to have found her!"

                                                                   - Patrice R. 4/11

"If massage is an art, then Karen at Karma Massage is definitely a Master practitioner!  I have been consulting her on a regular basis during the past few months to help me dealing with lower back pain and tensions. She really knows how to handle the treatment and how to take care of your body. She is really a skillful, experienced, knowledgeable and detail oriented practitioner. She also knows well the difference between the care provided by chiropractors, physiotherapists or other form of physical therapy, so she knows what is the best for you and don't feel shy to recommend alternative options when it's relevant.  Prices are reasonable and there is always special offers available." 

            - Michel J. via Yelp 3/11 (5 out of 5 stars)

"I am choosy about where I get a massage and was thrilled to find a therapist I wanted to go back to. Karen works magic, plain and simple. Not only does she know her muscle structures and anatomy, but her hands seem to go straight to those "problem spots" that other LMTs sometimes don't even find. Karen does not shy away from tough knots or trigger points. Her technique, while efficient, is also wonderfully relaxing. She creates a lovely atmosphere and has a very calm demeanor. All a great combo. She even recommends stretches or postural improvements (when relevant) at the end of a session, displaying an investment in your well-being that seems so rare among other massage therapists. And they've helped! Thank you Karen!" 

                                                                                    - Maria B. via Yelp 1/11 (5 out of 5 stars)

"Karen's style matches her personality: calm and soothing but focused, strong, and very effective. She takes the time to find out what you need, and always delivers.  I wish I could see her more often!"  

                         - Josh G.via Yelp 1/11 (5 out of 5 stars)

"Thanks Karen for making my week!"

                                                                - Renee S. 9/10

"I have a particular love of Swedish massage and the kind of deep tissue work that requires a very strong therapist. In my experience, very few women have that kind of strength to really 'get in there'. From the very first session with Karen, I was pleasantly surprised by how effectively she couples strength with technique."

                                                                                                                                - Corinne P. 7/10

"Karen, thank you so much for listening to me and my body."
                                                                                              - Laura B. 7/10

"Thank you Karen for restoring the strength in my shoulders and back.  This was a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience."
                                  - Jennifer S. 7/10

"Karen - you are a massage goddess!" 

                                      - Sunny P. 6/10

"Thank you Karen - you fixed my back!" 
                                                     - Elena T.,  6/10

"I wanted to let PSP in on this amazing massage therapist. As a lifetime competitive athlete/triathlete I have serious muscular issues and have had tons of bodywork done over the years. Karen is by far the most effective massage therapist I have ever had-- she really listens to you explain what is going on with your body, asks questions, and then uses the information to tailor the massage to your needs. I recently had my first child and really threw out my back and hip from all the carrying/bending/lifting associated with having a baby. Karen truly jump started my body's healing process with her massage and even helped me find a fabulous physical therapist and acupuncturist. Karen works at a couple different locations in the neighborhood and also makes house calls." 
Heather P. via Park Slope Parents 11/09 

"Karen, thank you so much for the healing experience. You are a gifted masseuse who combines inborn talent  with mastery of technique.  You are intuitive to the needs of your clients and use the perfect combination of necessary strength and gentleness."
                                                 - Janine A., 5/09

"Karen, your attention to detail was spot on, and my relaxation slowly but sweetly crept up on me.  
Thank you."
                   - Natalie P., 5/09

"Our weekly massage with Karen absolutely rejuvenates me and leaves Chet  ache and pain free and 
for whatever life tosses our way. Karen's massages also prep us for the best nights sleep one
imagine. It is possibly one of the most healthy and enjoyable things anyone could do for

- Pam & Chet K. 4/08

"Karen was phenomenal. Everything is right in the world. Hooray!"
- Mary N., 4/08

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